[phenixbb] Phenix command to align the PDB sequence and input sequence

Smith Liu smith_liu123 at 163.com
Fri Apr 10 02:06:15 PDT 2015

Dear All,
I mean the Phenix command to extract the sequence from the PDB file and align it with the input sequence for refine.

At 2015-04-10 16:20:23, "Folmer Fredslund" <folmerf at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Smith,

PHENIX uses muscle (http://www.drive5.com/muscle/) to align sequences (https://www.phenix-online.org/documentation/phenix_gui.html#other-tools).

You can access muscle with "phenix.muscle" on the command line.

Hope this helps,

Folmer Fredslund

2015-04-10 9:20 GMT+02:00 Smith Liu <smith_liu123 at 163.com>:

Dear All,
Will you please tell me the Phenix command to align the PDB sequence and input sequence?
I am looking forward to getting your reply.

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Folmer Fredslund
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