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 Hi Mark,

I believe at least part of the problem arises already in the scaling stage, where the programs assume a unimodal distribution which is not the case in the presence of pseudo-translations. We encountered a similar issue with refinement and pseudo-translation, where I simply scaled the systematically weak data separately from the strong and did rigid body refinement against the weak data and restrained against the strong. The details can be found in http://scripts.iucr.org/cgi-bin/paper?ea5052.


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I know that Phaser takes account of NCS translation in the likelihood statistics ( Read, Adams, McCoy (2013) Intensity statistics in the presence of translational non crystallographic symmetry”). Has this also been incorporated into phenix.refine?  I have a structure with pseudo NCS translations because of NCS rotational symmetry. One suggestion that I found in the archives, was to explicitly LS target refinement rather than ML.  Any comments?

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