[phenixbb] calculate TLS contribution to total B-factor

Michael Thompson miket at chem.ucla.edu
Thu Sep 18 14:47:46 PDT 2014

Hello All,

I have a structure that was refined with phenix.refine using TLS, so my PDB file contains B-total in the isotropic B-factor column as well as ANISOU lines. For the sake of analysis, I am interested in determining the TLS contribution to these total B-factors. How can I split B-total into isotropic and TLS contributions? I'm fairly certain this is possible, as it is the inverse of what one would do after refining a structure with TLS in Refmac, which requires that the isotropic and TLS components be added together prior to deposition.

I feel like perhaps there has been some discussion of this in the past, but I'm not able to dig anything up from the bb archives. Any help would be much appreciated.



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