[phenixbb] problem reading FEM into coot

Tanner, John J. TannerJJ at missouri.edu
Sun Sep 7 11:14:34 PDT 2014

Has anyone had problems reading feature enhanced map mtz files into coot?  I made an FEM on a linux computer with phenix.fem, which created an mtz file:

-rw-r--r-- 1 tannerjj tanner 10760960 Sep  7 12:21 fem.mtz

As you can see, the mtz file is not empty.  The fem job appeared to have ended normally, since the last line in the out file is

FEM loop: done so far: 100%Time: 3112.3967

However, when I read this mtz into coot, the map does not appear.  There is no error message from coot. I tried autoinput mtz and read mtz.  I'm using coot on a mac.   I have not tested with coot on Linux.


Jack Tanner

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