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Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 14:44:30 +0000
Subject: Postdoc position in acoustic crystal preparation and high
throughput screening at NSLS II
 *Postdoctoral Research Associate – Macromolecular Crystal Preparation for

*2-year Term Position*

 *BNL Overview:*

Brookhaven National Laboratory is a nonprofit research and development
institution whose purpose is to advance ideas and knowledge through a
multidisciplinary program of basic and applied research.

 *Project Overview:*

A postdoctoral position is available to develop new crystal-preparation
technologies to advance the use of serial macromolecular crystallography
(MX) at NSLS-II. This new synchrotron will soon begin operation at
Brookhaven National Laboratory. The individual will develop technologies
for crystallization, drug discovery, and crystal handling to make serial
crystallography possible, using various technologies, including acoustic
droplet ejection (ADE).

 The project will provide the capability for experimenters to employ
nanoliter quantities of material to produce specimens for diffraction
studies with a large number of discrete experiments in a small area. This
will exploit the micro-beam capabilities of NSLS-II MX beamlines; both room
temperature and cryogenic serial crystallography strategies will be
explored. High-throughput screening will be used for different types of
structural biology projects (crystallization conditions, fragment binding,
etc). The individual will work closely with a broad technology-development
team. Our team members have different areas of expertise, from 3D labware
design to research on medically relevant expressed proteins. No experience
with ADE is necessary.

 *Essential Duties and Responsibilities:*

The successful candidate will assist in the development and implementation
of procedures and computer algorithms that leverage the Echo 550 instrument
for macromolecular crystallography applications for serial crystallography
applications in the few-nanoliter regime. The candidate will also develop
novel technologies as well as improve existing technologies, and will have
opportunities to participate in other related projects in a large and
diverse group.

 *Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:*


   Ph.D. in an appropriate chemistry, biology, or physics discipline;
   structural biology, crystallography, or a related field will have preference

   Demonstrated experience (preferably including publications) in
   innovative experimentation and/or methods development with crystallography
   or drug discovery

   Experience with conventional crystallization, and familiarity with micro
   crystallization and handling of micro crystals will be valuable

   Experience in computer programming

   The candidate must have a demonstrated ability to work with a team.

 *Other Information:*

BNL policy states that Research Associate appointments may be made to those
who have received their doctoral degrees within the past five years.

 *Please apply to Job # 137 on our jobs website:*

*http://www.bnl.gov/HR/careers/ <http://www.bnl.gov/HR/careers/> *

 At Brookhaven National Laboratory we believe that a comprehensive employee
benefits program is an important and meaningful part of the compensation
employees receive.  Our benefits program includes but is not limited to:


   Medical Plans



   Dental Plans

   Life Insurance

   401(k) Plan

   On-site Child Development Center, Swimming Pool, Weight room Tennis
   Courts, and many other employee perks and benefits.
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