[phenixbb] any idea what is this? (unidentifiable blob in electron density map)

Murpholino Peligro murpholinox at gmail.com
Tue May 20 21:39:54 PDT 2014

1) 2FOFCWT PH2FOFCWT bue map (front1.png) (process: XDS->Aimless within
CCP4i->MR with Phaser->Phenix.refine/coot->Phenix-refine-withwaters/coot)
2) FWT PHWT   purple map (front2.png) (Output from Aimless and calculate Fs
with refmac within coot with last pdb from 1st line)

What do I have in the crystal? NaCl, Sodium acetate, water, lysozyme and
some complexes (~ 400 daltons) that chelate Cu2+

Is there like a gallery of crazy-looking blobs that are explained with
something ....real and possible?  (that would be great help for the newb)

Thanks in advance.

links to screenshots right here:
(1.0 rmsd for both maps above and 3.5 for the "red and green maps")
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