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Derek Logan derek.logan at biochemistry.lu.se
Mon May 19 00:10:23 PDT 2014

Hi Sebastian,

Instinctively this sounded like the easiest solution of all those suggested. However when I try to do this for Dropbox through the Preferences it says "Can't create a Dropbox folder in the requested location", so it looks like it's hard-wired to use locations in my home directory. Has anyone else succeeded in moving a Dropbox folder to / ? It doesn't work for Google Drive either - it says the location is not writeable. I have administrator privileges on my Mac. Do I have to change permissions on / manually?

Best wishes

On 16 May 2014, at 15:56, Sebastiano Pasqualato <sebastiano.pasqualato at GMAIL.COM<mailto:sebastiano.pasqualato at GMAIL.COM>> wrote:

Hi Derek,

the way I work with Google Drive is installing its folder (you can choose where to put it) directly into / (that is /Google Drive - unfortunately you cannot change its name and have to live with the space).
If you and your collaborators all do that in your Macs, Phenix will find always the same path and work with no hassles.


On 16 May 2014, at 15:49, Derek Logan <derek.logan at biochemistry.lu.se<mailto:derek.logan at biochemistry.lu.se>> wrote:

Hi Nat,

Thanks for your reply. However could it be that it works for you because you have the same user name on each Mac, so that your home directory is always /Users/nat (or whatever)?. Thus the hard-wiring of full paths into the Phenix files would not be a problem for you? In our case there are at least 3 users with different names (in different countries!) who might want to access the same project. Otherwise I would think that Google Drive should behave just like Dropbox?

I'm sure Jürgen's idea would work but it would be nice if possible to avoid creating a separate common user. I don't remember having done this since we had a "data processing account" on our microVAXes for integrating film data at Oxford in the early 1990s :-) Any other ideas?


On 16 May 2014, at 14:47, nathanielclar5 . <nathanielclar5 at GMAIL.COM<mailto:nathanielclar5 at GMAIL.COM>> wrote:

Do you have the dropbox app on every computer, so that the files can be accessed through finder?  I use Google Drive to sync phenix project directories between my 3 Macs, and usually it works perfectly.  If I run a job on one computer, I can open a phenix gui on another, and it will show the intact job history, including jobs run on a different computer.  Sometimes I get a error that 'this is not a valid phenix project directory' when I attempt to import a job folder created on a different computer.  When that happens, I just make a new sub-folder within it, make that the new project folder, and move on...so maybe I'm running into the same problem as you and ignoring it.  Usually it's problem free however.


On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 5:03 AM, Derek Logan <derek.logan at biochemistry.lu.se<mailto:derek.logan at biochemistry.lu.se>> wrote:

Has anyone ever successfully shared a Phenix project through Dropbox? I tried Googling for info on this without success. I have tried sharing but it doesn't work because Phenix uses the full path to the project, e.g. /Users/derek/Dropbox/project rather than ~/Dropbox/project, which would work for all users sharing the project. I tried manually editing project.phil in the .phenix directory, but at the end of a run of phenix.refine it was overwritten again. Is there somewhere (job_history.phil?) I can replace /Users/derek with ~ so that it the change will be permanent? I think that this would be a very effective way for me to set up a project being run by one of my PhD students involving people from at least 3 labs that could have opinions on the refinement!


P.S. We are all using Macs.

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