[phenixbb] Sharing a Phenix project via Dropbox

Edward A. Berry BerryE at upstate.edu
Fri May 16 07:42:16 PDT 2014

That should work. If Dropbox is necessarily in the user's directory,
have root create a folder like /a/ and chown it to the user who needs
to share. Said user then creates a soft link to Dropbox in her home directory.
Then have phenix create the job in /a/Dropbox/mypoject.
(Hope Phenix doesn't automatically resolve the path to full path)

same /a/ is also useful for the user to make short paths to other frequently accessed directories.
To avoid spaces, ln -sf /../"Google Drive"  /a/gd


On 05/16/2014 09:56 AM, Sebastiano Pasqualato wrote:
> Hi Derek,
> the way I work with Google Drive is installing its folder (you can choose where to put it) directly into
> / (that is /Google Drive - unfortunately you cannot change its name and have to live with the space).
> If you and your collaborators all do that in your Macs, Phenix will find always the same path and work
> with no hassles.
> HTH,
> ciao,
> Sebastiano
> On 16 May 2014, at 15:49, Derek Logan <derek.logan at biochemistry.lu.se
> <mailto:derek.logan at biochemistry.lu.se>> wrote:
>> Hi Nat,
>> Thanks for your reply. However could it be that it works for you because you have the same user name on
>> each Mac, so that your home directory is always /Users/nat (or whatever)?. Thus the hard-wiring of full
>> paths into the Phenix files would not be a problem for you? In our case there are at least 3 users with
>> different names (in different countries!) who might want to access the same project. Otherwise I would
>> think that Google Drive should behave just like Dropbox?
>> I'm sure Jürgen's idea would work but it would be nice if possible to avoid creating a separate common
>> user. I don't remember having done this since we had a "data processing account" on our microVAXes for
>> integrating film data at Oxford in the early 1990s :-) Any other ideas?
>> /Derek
>> On 16 May 2014, at 14:47, nathanielclar5 . <nathanielclar5 at GMAIL.COM <mailto:nathanielclar5 at GMAIL.COM>>
>> wrote:
>>> Do you have the dropbox app on every computer, so that the files can be accessed through finder?  I
>>> use Google Drive to sync phenix project directories between my 3 Macs, and usually it works
>>> perfectly.  If I run a job on one computer, I can open a phenix gui on another, and it will show the
>>> intact job history, including jobs run on a different computer.  Sometimes I get a error that 'this is
>>> not a valid phenix project directory' when I attempt to import a job folder created on a different
>>> computer.  When that happens, I just make a new sub-folder within it, make that the new project
>>> folder, and move on...so maybe I'm running into the same problem as you and ignoring it.  Usually it's
>>> problem free however.
>>> Nat
>>> On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 5:03 AM, Derek Logan <derek.logan at biochemistry.lu.se
>>> <mailto:derek.logan at biochemistry.lu.se>> wrote:
>>>     Hi,
>>>     Has anyone ever successfully shared a Phenix project through Dropbox? I tried Googling for info on
>>>     this without success. I have tried sharing but it doesn't work because Phenix uses the full path
>>>     to the project, e.g. /Users/derek/Dropbox/project rather than ~/Dropbox/project, which would work
>>>     for all users sharing the project. I tried manually editing project.phil in the .phenix directory,
>>>     but at the end of a run of phenix.refine it was overwritten again. Is there somewhere
>>>     (job_history.phil?) I can replace /Users/derek with ~ so that it the change will be permanent? I
>>>     think that this would be a very effective way for me to set up a project being run by one of my
>>>     PhD students involving people from at least 3 labs that could have opinions on the refinement!
>>>     /Derek
>>>     P.S. We are all using Macs.
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