[phenixbb] Sharing a Phenix project via Dropbox

Derek Logan derek.logan at biochemistry.lu.se
Fri May 16 03:03:40 PDT 2014


Has anyone ever successfully shared a Phenix project through Dropbox? I tried Googling for info on this without success. I have tried sharing but it doesn't work because Phenix uses the full path to the project, e.g. /Users/derek/Dropbox/project rather than ~/Dropbox/project, which would work for all users sharing the project. I tried manually editing project.phil in the .phenix directory, but at the end of a run of phenix.refine it was overwritten again. Is there somewhere (job_history.phil?) I can replace /Users/derek with ~ so that it the change will be permanent? I think that this would be a very effective way for me to set up a project being run by one of my PhD students involving people from at least 3 labs that could have opinions on the refinement!


P.S. We are all using Macs.

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