[phenixbb] Phenix version 1.9 released

Pete Meyer pameyer at mcw.edu
Tue May 13 07:43:37 PDT 2014

> - phenix.fem (new command): 
>   - Compute "feature-enhanced" map ("FEM") - this protocol modifies a 2mFo-DFc
>     sigmaA-weighted map such that the resulting map has strengthened weak
>     signal, if present, and a reduced amount of noise and model bias.
>     - combines randomization and averaging, treatment of missing reflections,
>       residual composite omit map, and histogram equalization
>     - resulting maps are more interpretable and have less bias compared to the
>       starting 2mFo-DFc map
>     - very fast procedure, no refinement required

Is there a citation for this, or a description of the method somewhere?



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