[phenixbb] Rosetta_refine stuck...?

Jan Gebauer jan.gebauer at uni-koeln.de
Wed May 7 23:56:32 PDT 2014

Hello everyone,

First of all thanks to the developers for improving the installation of
In contrast to my experiences half a year ago, this time the
installation was easy and straightforward.

However, refining a 600 Aa @ 3.5 A with 4 mol per asu one more than one
processor still completely breaks my computer.  (Intel i5 2500K / 7.8 GB
I think this might be a memory issue. Having only a "normal" PC, one
process already uses 5GB of RAM which equals 60% of my RAM.
With only one process running the first of five model was finished in
roughly 3 hours. However, the second model already takes more than 10
hours, and the log file on the _ros_tempXXX file wasn't update for the
last 9 hours. I can't see any progress, however it still uses 100% of
one processor.  Unix's top tells me that "reduce" is completely using
this resource and that it had run for the last 821 minutes... so I guess
rosetta_refine is somehow stuck?

Any ideas why it is stuck and how to solve that?

With kind regards,
Jan Gebauer

By the way: Is rosetta_refine meant to work on a "normal" Computer -
like mine. In principle I would have access to a cluster, but set-up
time there would be considerably long for me...

Dr. Jan Gebauer
AG Prof. Baumann
Institut für Biochemie / Uni-Köln
Otto-Fischer-Str. 12-14 / 50674 Köln
Fon: +49 (221) 470 3212	
Fax: +49 (221) 470 5066


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