[phenixbb] Two ions at same position

Eric Girard eric.girard at ibs.fr
Wed Jul 30 12:54:31 PDT 2014

Dear phenixbb members,

I am refining a structure that contains Ca2+ atoms. The structure was 
determined in presence of lanthanide ions. Thus, the resulting density 
clearly indicates that a part of each Ca2+ sites is substituted with 
Eu3+ (let's say 75% Ca2+ and 25% Eu3+ per sites).
How can I deal with such situation? Indeed phenix.refine complains when 
I try to put a Ca2+ ion and a Eu3+ one with the same coordinates (and 
with the occupancies mentionned above) and stop.

Thanks for your help.


Eric Girard

Extremophiles and Large Macromolecular Assemblies (ELMA) group

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