[phenixbb] CCTBX questions

Morten Grøftehauge mortengroftehauge.work at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 10:05:19 PDT 2014

Hi people,

I notice that cctbx.python comes with phenix but as far as I can tell from
when I run it, look at imported modules with dir(), and compare to the
documentation on Sourceforge the version that comes with phenix is
abridged. And possibly not the same version as the sourceforge one but they
probably are the same.
Will it cause any problems with Phenix if I install cctbx from sourceforge?
Is it unnecessary?

Second question: Is there any better documentation anywhere? I found James
Stroud's wiki but that's mainly for structure factor manipulation.


Morten K Grøftehauge, PhD
Pohl Group
Durham University
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