[phenixbb] Anomalous or not?

Phil Jeffrey pjeffrey at princeton.edu
Thu Jul 10 10:03:54 PDT 2014


So if you have bound ligand with a covalently-linked Bromine, and the 
ligand isn't abundant in your unit cell, don't you *expect* the 
anomalous signal to be weak ?  Have you tried a DANO model-phased 
difference map or something comparable ?

Phil Jeffrey

On 7/10/14 12:52 PM, CPMAS Chen wrote:
> Well, let me make this clear.
> 1. I am using Br anomalous signal to identify the potentially bound ligand.
> 2. I do shoot the crystals at 0.92A.
> 3. the different crystals have different resolution, but anomalous
> signal was weak as reported by autoxds.
> Charles

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