[phenixbb] Anomalous or not?

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So I assume you were not able to shoot the crystal at ~0.92 A at SSRL or are the crystals sensitive? If you were limited to the single wavelength beam which is around 1A you’re dealing with a really low f” of 0.5322. There have been crystals solved with Sulfur using an in-house Cu sources (takes a lot of merged sets and anomalous is stronger at certain crystal angles) which gives about the same anomalous scattering as Br. Is the bromine covalent or is it soaked ion?


Alternatives – soak with potassium iodide and get a dataset from an in-house source (iodine f” 6.6 at 1.54), or at least the anomalous locations. You may get a partial model to use for replacement at that point.


Did each processed dataset have the same level of anomalous signal when processed individually?





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My anomalous plot for Br is more like your Cobalt 1 site less redundancy.




As my Br anomalous signals are weak, I merged signals from multiple crystals.


Meanwhile I am looking into the detail about the autoxds processing as suggested by Tim. 




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In addition to Tim's comments above, using loggraph to see the anomalous CC plot from scala is a good qualitative indicator of whether you have anomalous signal..

Some data points for what reasonable plots  (and their corresponding XDS SigANO's) look like: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19558536/AnomalousCC.pdf


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> Which result should I trust? By the way, how can I view/display the ***.anamplot file, which is apparently xmgr format file, but I can not display in CCP4i.




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