[phenixbb] exporting results, reduce

jp d yoyoq at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 24 08:44:01 PST 2014

replying for the sake of posterity.
the slow export/reduce seems to be related to a malformed input model.
the segids are ok but there are  some different segids that have the same chain.
setting the chain to empty for everything resolved the issue.
Using the malformed chain model took 35 hours (if it finished).
Using the no chain model took 5 hours.


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Subject: [phenixbb] exporting results, reduce

we have a large complex at low resolution (7A) and just want 

to see general conformational changes. Occasionally phenix
gets stuck at 'Exporting Results' and top shows 'reduce' running
and using lots of RAM . so much RAM that it starts using swap.
is there  a way to bypass or limit the reduce step.

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