[phenixbb] Low F-obs Values

张怀东 zhanghuaidong at hust.edu.cn
Sun Jan 5 20:01:37 PST 2014

Hi, everyone

    I used phenix-1.8.2-1309 to do MR and Autobuild, then Refinement, the max F-obs value of the mtz file from refinement was about 300. However, I used phenix-1.8.4-1496 to do the same work, the max F-obs value was about 3000. The resulting structure models donot seem to be any different. We tried several datasets of different proteins, and the max F-obs value are low with phenix-1.8.2-1309. So is this a real problem or not? 


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                                                                                                           Huaidong Zhang
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