[phenixbb] norleucine (NLE) restraints

Joel Tyndall joel.tyndall at otago.ac.nz
Mon Dec 1 13:19:59 PST 2014

Do you need to define links to define the bonds?

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Hi everybody,

First-time poster!  I'm trying to re-refine 2f4k.pdb, but phenix.refine chokes on the non-standard norleucine (NLE) amino acid.  I've tried phenix.elbow and phenix.ready_set using different version of PHENIX, with the NLE cards as either HETATM or ATOM, all to no avail.  SHELX was used to refine the structure originally, but I'd like to use PHENIX to re-refine it.  Any ideas on how to define these restraints?

Daniel Keedy
James Fraser Lab
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