[phenixbb] Phasing using CryoEM Map

Alexander Kintzer afkintzer at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 11:08:51 PDT 2014

Hello All,

I trying to phase my 4Å data with low resolution cryoEM maps (various
12-18Å). There is some documentation, but not really for dealing with EM
data. I am having trouble converting the EM data from mrc to suitable F's
for phaser.
One would want to try different density contours of the cryoEM map, but I
haven't found a good way to accomplish this.

I also have been unable to search for Ta6Br12 clusters using Autosol even
though the documentation seems to suggest that it is possible using the
"TX" or "XX" designation for heavy atom search.

Any guidance would be extremely helpful.

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