[phenixbb] How to tighten ligand geometry in phenix.refine?

Blankenfeldt, Wulf Wulf.Blankenfeldt at helmholtz-hzi.de
Thu Aug 28 07:08:53 PDT 2014

Dear all,

I am currently trying to refine a cacodylate ion that partially occupies the phosphate binding site of a PLP cofactor – partially meaning ~90%, in fact I am leaving the PLP out altogether.

When I am refining this in phenix. refine, the cacodylate becomes “ugly”: the tetraeder gets slightly squashed and the atoms are flying apart a bit such that they are not automatically connected in Coot any more. I am now wondering if I can tighten the geometry just for the cacodylate to prevent this from happening, either by sending a magical command or by fiddling with the dictionary. Can anyone advise me, please?




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