[phenixbb] phenix.maps command line arguments

Ryan McGreevy ryanmcgreevy at ks.uiuc.edu
Tue Aug 26 09:18:46 PDT 2014

When using phenix.maps from the command line, passing any arguments for the
"map" layer of parameters does not seem to work.  For example the command:

phenix.maps input.pdb_file_name=input.pdb

works just fine, but parameters under the "map" section don't seem to have
any effect, such as:

map.file_name=map.ccp4 map.kicked=True

Could I be doing something wrong, or does this not actually work?  I know I
can set these parameters in a maps.params file, but I would like to be able
to pass them on the command line for scripting and automation purposes.
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