[phenixbb] Composite Omit Map with Parallel Processing

Whitley, Matthew J mjw100 at pitt.edu
Tue Aug 19 10:15:52 PDT 2014

Hello all,

I am trying to calculate a simulated annealing composite omit map via parallel processing in Phenix 1.9-1692.

Our computer cluster uses a PBS que, and jobs are submitted using the 'qsub' command.

In the 'Processes' tab under Phenix Preferences, the queueing system is set to PBS, and the queue submit command is set to qsub + additional flags (walltime, etc). All the usual boxes are checked to indicate to Phenix that jobs should be run in parallel when possible.

However, when I actually run the composite omit map calculation, the specified qsub flags do not get carried over into the calculation parameters. If I click on Settings-->View all settings in the Composite Omit map calculation window, the qsub_command parameter under 'parallel' is set to None.

Because my desired walltime is not being carried over with the qsub command when the calculation starts, the calculation for each individual box is aborting prematurely when it reaches the default process time limit set by our cluster administrator.

In the composite omit map calculation in previous versions of Phenix, when clicking "Run" you used to be able to then click "edit parameters and run" in order to check all settings one last time before starting the job. This option does not seem to be available in Phenix 1.9-1692, and thus I can't verify and/or edit the qsub command directly before firing off the job.

Any ideas on how to overcome this? Am I missing something?


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