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Subject: 2nd Australian Advanced Methods in Crystallography Workshop
  Dear all,

 The Australian Synchrotron is pleased to announce the *2nd Australian
Advanced Methods in Crystallography Workshop*. This workshop will explore
the state of the art in macromolecular crystallography. It will combine
lectures on advanced topics in data collection, processing and structure
determination with hands-on tutorials using both MX beamlines at the
Australian Synchrotron. International experts will present their experience
in solving crystal structures, model and ligand building, twinning and

 Associated with this workshop there will also be a day for Lipid Cubic
Phase Crystallisation Satellite (LCP). Registration as part of the main
event or separately is possible (see details in programme and registration).

 *Confirmed speakers:  *Kay Diederichs, Harry Powell, Viviane Richter,
Santosh Panjikar, Navraj Pannu, Daniele de Sanctis, Paul Adams, Joana
Pereira, Paul Emsley, Tom Caradoc-Davies, David Aragão and Wei Liu.

 Workshop dates: 22-25th June 2014
Registration deadline: 22th May 2014
Website: https://events.synchrotron.org.au
Contact: xtalworkshop2014 at synchrotron.org.au

 Best regards,

 Sofia Caria
(by the organising committee)

 *Organising committee:*
 Daniel Eriksson- Australian Synchrotron
David Aragão - Australian Synchrotron
Jade Forwood - Charles Sturt University
Mihwa Lee - La Trobe University
Sofia Caria - La Trobe University
Stephanie Gras - Monash University
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