[phenixbb] Registration last day: "The Future of Microfocus Protein Crystallography"

Marjolein Thunnissen marjolein.thunnissen at biochemistry.lu.se
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Dear all,
I would like to remind you on a workshop on "The Future of Microfocus Protein Crystallography" which will take place at the MAX IV User meeting on the 24th and the 25th of September, 2013, in Lund, Sweden.

Recent developments within protein crystallography methods in combination with the scope offered by the new upcoming synchrotron sources such as the MAX IV 3 GeV storage ring, make exciting new ways of carrying out research within structural biology possible. Small microfocus beamlines with a very high flux and increased coherence will make new types of experimentation feasible.

The scientific possibilities will be highlighted through a series of talks by experts showing the impact of the new type of X-ray sources and microfocus beamlines on research within structural biology.

The new generation of microfocus beamlines will also set a high demand on instrumentation and suitable software. For example, data collection will potentially be very fast (in milliseconds) and radiation damage will allow only a limited amount of data to be collected from each sample. New technical solutions for sample handling and presentation, data processing methods and more will be needed for these types of experiments, and these will also be presented and discussed at the workshop.

Confirmed speakers include David Stuart, Daniel Wacker, Simone Weynand, Jens Preben Morth, Tove Sjögren, Richard Neutze, Janet Smith, Alke Meentz, Alexei Soares, Thomas White, Luca Jovine and Clemens Schulze-Briese

The workshop is part of a process to obtain an updated proposal for the possible Phase 2b beam line MicroMAX at the upcoming new 3 GeV storage ring of MAX IV in Lund. This workshop should give the user community an opportunity to explore the scientific possibilities of a new generation of microfocus beam lines, but also it will give them the chance to contribute with specific input on their own experimental demands on the beam line.

The workshop is part of the MAX IV laboratory user meeting, but there is no requirement to be a user of the facility and all that are interested are welcome . Registration is through the user meeting website: https://indico.maxlab.lu.se/indico/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=0 .  The registration fees are 2000 SEK for academics and 700 SEK for junior scientists such as PhD students and Post-docs. Registration fees include all lunches and the conference dinner.

Further information on this workshop can be found at the user meeting websiteand for the MAX IV user meeting at https://www.maxlab.lu.se/um13 .

For the organisers, Richard Neutze, Gunter Schneider and Gregers Rom Andersen

Marjolein Thunnissen

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