[phenixbb] Restraints generation for TaBr

Anshul Bhardwaj Anshul.Bhardwaj at jefferson.edu
Tue Nov 5 09:28:53 PST 2013

Hello Rebecca,
I was able to generate restraints for hexatantalum dodecabromide (TBR) on older PHENIX version 1.7.3-928. Attached is the .cif file.
Nonetheless, I agree phenix.elbow run for ligand TBR in latest PHENIX version 1.8.4-1496 fails with error on linux (Ubuntu 12.04 64bit);
PHENIX error: "eLBOW not suitable for metal clusters"


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Hello all,

I am trying to create a restraints file for hexatantlum dodecabromide (TaBr or TBR) and using Elbow, I get an error message saying that the program does not deal with heavy atom clusters. Does anyone have any advice on which program would be suitable to use?

Thanks very much in advance


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