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Gino Cingolani Gino.Cingolani at jefferson.edu
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I would try to determine if there's meaningful signal in your outer shell. You can try three things:

1.    Calculate a precision-indicating merging R factor (Rpim)

2.    (if you have ncs) calculate a self-rotation function using outer shell data only and see if you have meaningful information

3.    Scale less data together (although this may hurt your completeness depending on your space group).

Also try Scala instead of Scalepack.

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Dear Phenix Users,

I have R-merge values equal 0.000 from highest resolution shell (which corresponds to values larger than 1.000) in a data set processed by HKL2000, with redundancies higher than 10 (I know this may help in increasing R-merge). I am not sure if this is going to be a problem of Table 1 for the reviewers. Could you kindly drop me your suggestions?

Thank you in advance,
Mengbin Chen

Mengbin Chen
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