[phenixbb] R: problem refining RNA structure at 4Å resolution

fulvio.saccoccia at uniroma1.it fulvio.saccoccia at uniroma1.it
Wed May 29 08:22:28 PDT 2013

Any signs of twinning? Check also the correctness of your space group: probably you could index In a lower symmetry Laue group with a slight increased distorsion index. 

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Da: Benoît Masquida
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Oggetto: [phenixbb] problem refining RNA structure at 4Å resolution

Dear phenix users,

I solved using MR a low resolution RNA structure taking data up to 4.3Å and a model of a structure with slight differences. However, when I try to refine, Rwork decreases quickly (start 47, final 32 but Rfree remains high (start 48, final 44). The data are pretty good up to 4.0 with I/sigma above 1. The map doesn't point clearly to wrong regions of the model. What can I try to improve the maps and build the correct model?

Thanks in advance.

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