[phenixbb] Refinement of B-factors at low resolution

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Both should be approximately the same, i.e. similar (there is a range of 
slopes that agree with your Luzzatti plots, depending on where the low 
resolution limit is set to compute the slope for example). The 
difference you observe is fine. If you had 100 sq A for one and 50 sq A 
for the other then I'd start to worry. The two figures you quote are off 
by 25%...



PS this has been discussed before on another crystallographic bb, ccp4bb 
(please note that this isn't an advertisement for the ccp4bb)

On 23/03/13 14:53, Florian Brückner wrote:
> Thanks, Pavel.
> So you don't think that the difference between Wilson B (66.45 
> according to phenix) and average B (52 after refinement) is still too 
> large? Where did you take the statistics from? Is that published anywhere?
> Best regards
> Florian

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