[phenixbb] map woes from refine

Machius, Mischa Christian mischa_machius at med.unc.edu
Wed Mar 6 12:13:02 PST 2013


Recently, I've run into an issue with the maps from refine. All during the refinement cycles, the autoupdated maps in the associated coot window look great as refinement progresses. However, the final maps look horrible; completely chopped up. It's not a matter of contouring levels; it's essentially unrecognizable, and phenix acknowledges that by stating very low correlation coefficients at the end of the log file.

I have downloaded the latest builds in an attempt to address B-value issues that were recently discussed and that I am (still) struggling with. The map issue happens with all of them. Is it possible that there is some crossfire from different versions, or any other reason?

Any help appreciated.


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