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Wei Shi wei.shi118 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 11:59:14 PDT 2013

 Hi all,
I was trying to solve the structure of a protein in several different
datasets using xds and phenix. I could solve the structure from one dataset
in space group P4. For another dataset, I could solve the structure using
the monomer of the structure I got from the first dataset as search model
and solve the structure in space group mC. For the third dataset, in
IDXREF.LP, the space group of the highest symmetry is hp: 101.2, 101.3,
58.8, 90, 90, 120. According to Mathiews coefficient, 1 monomer is expected
in the asymmetric unit. But I couldn't get the molecular replacement
solution using the same method as for the second dataset. I also tried
several other search models (eg. deletion of the potential flexible region
in the search model) and tried to find the solution in all possible
pointgroup. I also tried to process the data in oC (C222), the space group
of the second highest symmetry in IDXREF.LP, but, still I could not get
right molecular replacement solution.  I don't whether this means that
there is a big conformational change for the structure in the third dataset
or the space group I use is not right. Let me know if any of you would have
any comments or suggestions for me. Thank you so much!

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