[phenixbb] rosetta installation problems

Mengbin Chen mengbinc at sas.upenn.edu
Mon Jun 3 19:43:37 PDT 2013

Dear Phenix Users,

I am interested in using Rosetta to do MR, but unfortunately I have
encountered some problems in installing it:

I was able to get to the step where "scons: done building targets." showed
up, and set up the environment by typing setenv
/Users/yanghai/Desktop/rosetta-3.5 into the shell. I also filled out the
"path to rosetta" in "Preferences" under "PHENIX GUI", which I believe it
is correct. However, when I was ready to run MR-rosetta, it kept saying
"cannot locate Rosetta programs. You may set the path in PHENIX GUI under
preferences->Automation, or define the environment variable
PHENIX_ROSETTA_PATH (recommended)".

Any help would be apprecited!

Thank you in advance,
Mengbin Chen
Mengbin Chen
Department of Chemistry
University of Pennsylvania
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