[phenixbb] Kicked difference maps

Pavel Afonine pafonine at lbl.gov
Fri Jul 12 17:22:50 PDT 2013

Hello Ho,

I'm not sure what's happening in this particular case, but I suggest you 
try FEM (Feature Enhanced Map), which is basically similar idea but it 
is more powerful.

Details and usage instructions are here:


Note, this is still experimental tool. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

All the best,

On 7/5/13 8:10 PM, Ho Leung Ng wrote:
> Hi,
>       I am finding that features in kicked difference maps (mFo-DFc)
> have very different scaling compared to the standard difference maps.
> For example, a blob that appears in the standard map at 3 sigma might
> not appear in the kicked map until 5.5 sigma. Is this correct
> functioning? In contrast, features in the kicked and standard 2mFo-DFc
> maps are comparable in scale.
> Thank you,
> Ho
> Ho Leung Ng
> University of Hawaii at Manoa
> Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
> hng at hawaii.edu

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