[phenixbb] GUI admin issues

Yarrow Madrona amadrona at uci.edu
Mon Jul 8 15:49:22 PDT 2013


I have a couple of GUI related questions

1. We recently moved all of our data from one hard drive to another.
However, we do not know how to change the directory for all of our
projects. The directory is similar but the hard drive is now called
tp3home instead of tp2home.

We found a .phenix directory that has  a file with a list of projects and
directories. We updated the directories but this did not make a difference
in the GUI.

2. Is there a quick way to specify which ligand or amino acid to remove in
the GUI with doing simmulated annealing or better to do manually?



Yarrow Madrona

Graduate Student
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Dept.
University of California, Irvine
Natural Sciences I, Rm 2403
Irvine, CA 92697

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