[phenixbb] phenix.refine command line

Simon Kolstoe s.kolstoe at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Jan 30 14:28:44 PST 2013

Thanks for the help,

The student isn't in again until the end of the week however I'm sure my little typo is the cause of the problem.

I always find it interesting how, in my career, I've sat on the boundary between computer science, chemistry and physics, only really knowing enough or finding out enough of each to get the specific experiment done that I am working on at the time. I suppose if I were a programer making a mistake in a script like I have it would be unforgivable, but as a scientist I don't mind looking foolish so long as the damn thing works and I get to analyse my structure (or at least my student does)! As I can't be an expert in all areas, I really appreciate the help from those of you who write and maintain all the software and have an eye for the detail in lines of text scripts!


On 30 Jan 2013, at 16:01, Nathaniel Echols wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 11:50 PM, Felix Frolow <mbfrolow at post.tau.ac.il> wrote:
>> As there are less and less IT support for unix around we have to go back to
>> school ourself and to learn or refresh essentials :-)
> Well, we (software developers) also need to design our software for
> use by ordinary mortals and not Unix sysadmins - there's no good
> reason, aside from legacy software, why you should need to be a
> computer expert to be a productive crystallographer.
> -Nat
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