[phenixbb] Still can't get refinement of anomalous groups to work

Brennan Bonnet Brennan.Bonnet at lightsource.ca
Wed Jan 16 15:34:37 PST 2013

Hi Nat,

I'm assuming you mean the "use experimental phase restraints" option which is checked by default.  The toggle is funny because in addition to checked and unchecked, there is a third option that looks like a dash in a box.

Now that you say it was a few days ago, I had a hunch that since you just became aware of this that it might have been fixed.  I tried again using the latest nightly build on my personal computer and it's going.

Thanks for your help once again!
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On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 3:06 PM, Brennan Bonnet
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> The new error message that I get is:
> mlhl target function (maximum likelihood with experimental phases) currently not supported in combination with anomalous scattering

Right, you need to uncheck the box labeled "Use experimental phases".
I wasn't actually aware of this restriction until a few days ago, so
the GUI doesn't automatically catch it (yet).

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