[phenixbb] AutoSol error

Luca Pellegrini lp212 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Jan 10 15:13:02 PST 2013

AutoSol (phenix 1.8.1-1168) stops at the build stage with the  
following message:

The cell appears to have changed during the run Original cell: [49.22,  
91.325, 103.285, 113.16, 97.64000000000001, 76.74]  New cell :  
[49.173301696777344, 92.32479858398438, 103.37100219726562,  
66.54070281982422, 82.29070281982422, 76.58550262451172]
  If running from a script, please specify the space group in the   
input file. The incorrect space group may be coming from another  

Can you please advice as to what might be wrong? I am running AutoSol  
from the GUI and it did pick up the space group from the mtz file.  
What AutoSol refers to as the 'new cell' is actually my original cell.

I was running two AutoSol jobs simultaneously from two mtz files with  
the same cell dimensions, and they both failed with the same message.


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