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Subject: WCPCW 21
Dear All,

Happy New Year!   The West Coast Protein Crystallography Workshop is
fast approaching (March 17th).   The site (wcpcw.org) is up,
registration is open and the option to pay by credit card is now
available.  The conference has a long tradition of methods development
and organized as such to facilitate discussion and colloboration.  We
are especially interested in having speakers that are doing the ‘real’
work - graduate students, postdocs and staff scientists!

We are also honored having Prof. Wayne Hendrickson as our keynote
speaker.  Prof. Hendrickson has made seminal contributions to the
field including efforts in phase combination (Hendrickson-Lattman
coefficients), incorporation of stereochemical constraints in protein
refinement (e.g., PROLSQ – the predecessor to many of the refinement
programs we now use), and the development of MAD phasing (including
the development of selenomethionine incorporation).    In addition,
Prof. Hendrickson’s lab has produced a large number of biologically
important structures including the HIV caspid GP120 bound to CD4, the
first tyrosine kinase structure (Lck), and many, many others.

We look forward to seeing you in Monterey!


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