[phenixbb] Phaser problem for flexible domain of protein

Appu kumar appu.kumar9 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 01:53:17 PST 2013

Dear user,
                         I have problem in finding the phase for the
flexible DNA binding domain of LTTR protein. The unit cell parameters are ,Unit
Cell: 46.92 105.30 47.75 90.00 103.26 90.00, and space-Group P 1 21 1.
Molecular weight of protein is 36000Da. When i am running phaser it showing
Most probable MW of protein in asu for resolution = 49714.8. Could you
please guide me how to set the proper setting for finding the correct
rotation function and translation function setting to get the phases for
the full length protein. I m getting the phases for the ligand binding
domain but not for the DNA binding domain. Could you please suggest me some
tricks which would work to get the phase. Thanks a lot in advance.
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