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We use CentOS (currently ver 6.4), which in my opinion is a lot less buggy than fedora (and I really hate the new GNOME 3 that the new fedora versions made as default desktop). So far I think we have basically everything we ever needed working within CentOS (Including virtualbox for windows/office work). In most cases yum will let you install packages by just one line of command. But in a few occasions I did have to find some libraries that is not even supplied in one of the extended repertoires. Nvidia cards should work fine in all redhat-like systems.


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Hello All-

I have used a trusty box running fedora core 3 for nearly a decade and I am (finally) upgrading to a new workstation. In lieu of Nat's recent mention of new linux installers of phenix, I thought I would try to get a consensus on what linux flavor(s), I should consider installing on my new box. It will be used with emphasis on typical crystallography software including 3D graphics (3 GB NVIDIA Quadro K4000 card). If anyone would like to make a suggestion for an OS, I thank you in advance. Pointers to a web review can work too.


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