[phenixbb] reduce hangs

Mark J van Raaij mjvanraaij at cnb.csic.es
Tue Dec 3 08:19:38 PST 2013

curiously, I observed the same thing yesterday in a refinement of a large a.u. (9 chains of just under 400 aa each), I only had 11 hours patience before cancelling the job.
In my case I am using MacOSX Snow Leopard and Phenix 1.8.4-1496, which was when I installed it recently the latest "stable" version.
I am rerunning it with more processors to see what happens and it has at least passed that same stage.
Also, the same job but without including secondary structure restraints finished correctly.

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On 3 Dec 2013, at 14:11, Andreas Förster wrote:

> Dear all,
> I'm refining a structure with 11 molecules in the asymmetric unit.
> Recently I took out NCS (data are to 2.2A and differences between molecules of interest).  Refinement now stalls halfway through with two reduce jobs running at 100% CPU.  The current job has been sitting like this for four days.  The last entry in the log file are a few XYZ individual lines.
> Refinement includes XYZ, TLS, individual B, weight optimization.  I launched 8 cycles.  Phenix hangs after 4_bss.  I've observed this twice in a row.
> Any suggestions to overcome this, short of going back to using NCS?
> This is with Phenix dev-1538 on RHEL 6.3.
> Thanks.
> Andreas
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