[phenixbb] Combine map labels

Edward A. Berry BerryE at upstate.edu
Fri Sep 21 07:16:05 PDT 2012

Strictly speaking map files don't have column labels, so you are talking about structure factor files. If they 
were map files, and if the density of each was essentially zero outside its omitted region, you could simply add 
the maps in mapman. But since the FT is a linear operator, you should get the same result adding structure factors 
and calculating a map from the (vectorial) sum. perhaps ccp4 icoefl has a mode in which it does not scale but 
simply outputs the vectorial sum of up to 4 input SF's.  Or I think SFtools can add SF's.

(!!! WARNING : VERY likely this advice is at least partly WRONG!!! otherwise such a simple solution would have 
been suggested already. Someone correct me if so)
Mikalai Lapkouski wrote:
> Hello,
>      I have a following question.
>      I have generated several Fo-Fc sa omit maps (FOFCWT, PHFOFCWT) for different portions of a DNA molecule. Now
> that I have each omit map as a separate file to display the whole DNA omit map I have to load them in coot one by
> one. Is there a way of how to combine all this maps into one file and have a single name for label columns so that
> the whole map will open at once?
> I managed to put them all in one file but column labels are  separate: FOFCWT_1, PHFOFCWT_1   FOFCWT_2,
> PHFOFCWT_2......  Can they all go under  FOFCWT, PHFOFCWT?
> Thank you very much for any suggestion
> Mikalai
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