[phenixbb] Phenix cut out density labels choice

Mikalai Lapkouski gort105 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 03:04:28 PDT 2012


      I have a following issue with running Phenix.cutout density either on
command line or in GUI.

      I have multiple columns in the mtz.file and I want to choose map
coefficients FOFCWT_d1-8,PHFOFCWT_d1-8 for the difference map to be cut
around pdb selection. I run a command:

phenix.cut_out_density     model.pdb     my.mtz
cutout_fix_position=True      cutout_model_radius=10    cutout_type=model
  \  map_coeff_labels=FOFCWT_d1-8,PHFOFCWT_d1-8

Problem: The output cutout.mtz has FWT and PHWT (which I did not have at
all in the input) and not my difference map coefficients, and obviously the
map is not my difference map.

In GUI is the same problem, I choose columns I need but it outputs FWT and
PHWT again.

Please, let me know what I am doing wrong.

Thank you very much!

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