[phenixbb] Two versions of TFZ, molecular replacement

赵岩 zhaoy at moon.ibp.ac.cn
Fri Sep 14 12:13:21 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,
I am trying to solve a structure though molecular replacement and I have
obtained a suspected solution.
The header of the solution as follows,

REMARK TITLE  [no title set]
REMARK Log-Likelihood Gain:  238.884
REMARK  RFZ=10.9 TFZ=13.9 PAK=2 LLG=235 TFZ==5.0 LLG=239 TFZ==5.0
REMARK ENSEMBLE 1 EULER  15.53   0.10 344.54 FRAC -0.499 -1.000 -0.499

At first sight, the solution has no problem(TFZ>8), but the second and third
TFZ are very low. 
For a correct solution, the later TFZs always higher than the first TFZ.
So I don't konw how to understand the later TFZs and what extent I can refer to

Thanks a lot!



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