[phenixbb] where is the fo-fc omit map?

Yu, Hongjun hyu at bnl.gov
Tue Mar 6 10:31:18 PST 2012


It is so good that phenix can caculate sa-omit map so easily. But I am new to this. When I finish caculating, I can only get acess to 2fo-fc map whe I use coot to open the file: resolve_composite_map.mtz . How can I open the fo-fc omit map?  I notice this  from phenix.autobuild manual page "Note 1: be sure to use the weights in both resolve_composite_map.mtz and omit_region.mtz".  I don't understand this because the omit_regin.mtz seem to be the omit box I specify. Is this correlated with my problem?

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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