[phenixbb] generate_cif_for_NT_MPD

Xue-Yuan Pei xyp20 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Tue Mar 6 02:05:34 PST 2012

Yes, I did try to import both cif files (for nucleic acid and MPD 
individually) into phenix.refine, but with no luck. any suggestion?

On Mon, 5 Mar 2012, Kelly Daughtry wrote:

> Maybe I'm missing something here, but don't you just import both cif files (for nucleic acid, and MPD individually) into
> phenix.refine? Did you try that?Kelly Daughtry
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> On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 12:29 PM, Xue-Yuan Pei <xyp20 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
>       Dear All:
>       I am using phenix-1.7.2 to refine my structure. Now i am facing a problem with .cif file. I could not generate
>        cif files for a modified nucleic acid and MPD at same time with phenix.elbow or phenix.ready_set. If I use
>       phenix.elbow to generate cif file for modefied nucleic acid only, phenix .refine complains about MPD cif not
>       found, same for MPD. If I combine two cif files together, phenix.refine also complains. Is there better to
>       generate cif file containing both modified nucleic acid and MPD?
>       Many thanks for your help,
>       Xue
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