[phenixbb] phenix.get_cc_mtz_pdb but allow for atom selections.

Francis E Reyes Francis.Reyes at colorado.edu
Sat Mar 3 19:18:47 PST 2012

What does the validation in the GUI use?

What is the CC being reported? atom or residue level? 


On Mar 3, 2012, at 7:59 PM, Pavel Afonine wrote:

> Also one needs to define which grid points to use: atom level, residue level or any user-defined (the latter is missing in phenix.real_space_correlation and can be trivially added).
> phenix.real_space_correlation automatically decides whether to use atom or residue level, depending on resolution (obviously, there is no much sense to compute cc per atom at say 4A resolution, while at 1A resolution cc per atom is justified and more informative than cc computed in any larger scale).

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