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really fascinating, bringing back the discussion for a repository for your collected frames.


Acta Cryst. (2012). F68, 366-376

Detection and analysis of unusual features in the structural model and structure-factor data of a birch pollen allergen
B. Rupp<http://scripts.iucr.org/cgi-bin/citedin?search_on=name&author_name=Rupp,%20B.>

Abstract: Physically improbable features in the model of the birch pollen structure Bet v 1d (PDB entry 3k78<http://pdb.pdb.bnl.gov/pdb-bin/opdbshort?3k78>) are faithfully reproduced in electron density generated with the deposited structure factors, but these structure factors themselves exhibit properties that are characteristic of data calculated from a simple model and are inconsistent with the data and error model obtained through experimental measurements. The refinement of the 3k78<http://pdb.pdb.bnl.gov/pdb-bin/opdbshort?3k78>model against these structure factors leads to an isomorphous structure different from the deposited model with an implausibly small R value (0.019). The abnormal refinement is compared with normal refinement of an isomorphous variant structure of Bet v 1l (PDB entry 1fm4<http://pdb.pdb.bnl.gov/pdb-bin/opdbshort?1fm4>). A variety of analytical tools, including the application of Diederichs plots, R plots and bulk-solvent analysis are discussed as promising aids in validation. The examination of the Bet v 1d structure also cautions against the practice of indicating poorly defined protein chain residues through zero occupancies. The recommendation to preserve diffraction images is amplified.

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