[phenixbb] Error in phenix.autobuild

Tanner, John J. TannerJJ at missouri.edu
Wed Jun 27 09:25:13 PDT 2012

Can anyone shed light on the error below?  The situation is that I have a ~90% complete model from refinement (r_work = 0.2415, r_free = 0.3167), and I want phenix.autobuild to build the rest of the structure.  

I issued this command:

phenix.autobuild data=../ccp4/DrPRODH3-6_1_scala2.6Ang.mtz model=Refine_9/DrPRODH_refine_9.pdb seq_file=../seq/DrPRODH-noMet1.fasta rebuild_in_place=False nproc=3

I got this error:

[tannerjj at europa AutoBuild_run_2_]$ tail -n20 AutoBuild_run_2_1.log

Output space group: P 1 21 1 (No. 4)
Columns of data in AutoBuild_run_2_/refinement_PHX.mtz:
H K L FreeR_flag F_DrPRODH3-6 SIGF_DrPRODH3-6
Unit cell: (46.806, 95.875, 70.504, 90, 107.733, 90)
Space group: P 1 21 1 (No. 4)
Using AutoBuild_run_2_/refinement_PHX.mtz for refinement

Correcting data file /titan/tanner/DrPRODH/ccp4/DrPRODH3-6_1_scala2.6Ang.mtz for anisotropy and writing to AutoBuild_run_2_/aniso_data_PHX.mtz

Getting overall aniso B from datafile...

*************ERROR ENDING *******************

AutoBuild Input failed
iotbx InternalError: /net/longnose/scratch2/phenix/phenix-1.7.3-928/cctbx_project/iotbx/mtz/dataset.cpp(97): IOTBX_ASSERT(strlen(label) < sizeof(column_ptr->label)) failure.
*************ERROR ENDING *******************

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