[phenixbb] Source code build - overriding compiler choice

Graeme Winter graeme.winter at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 06:23:34 PDT 2012

Hi Folks,

On my macbook with lion and a source code build, I always set --compiler=gcc for cctbx and this works fine. Just tried a source code build of phenix which failed because it picked up clang, so how do I override this in the install script?

I didn't see the option from the install script:

Graemes-MacBook-Pro:phenix-installer-dev-1078 graeme$ ./install --help
Usage: install [options]
  --prefix=<path>        Determines PHENIX installation path, which
                         will be <path > /phenix-[version]
  --overwrite            Forces overwriting of installed packages
  --nproc=number         Number of processors to use in compilation
  --base-only            Do not compile PHENIX sources (cctbx, phaser, resolve,
  --no-gui               Do not compile and install GUI components
  --no-apps              Don't create Mac app launcher icons
  --app-prefix=<path>    Path for Mac app launchers (default: /Applications)
  --noopt                Turn off optimization during compilation
  --debug                Turn on debugging during compilation
  --openmp               Try to use OpenMP if supported by compiler
  --force-compile        Force compilation of source
  --binary               Force a binary install if binaries and
                         source are both available
  --source               Force a source install if binaries and
                         source are both available
  --no-packages          Do not install other packages such as PHASER
  --alias-mtype=<string> Force installation from a different machine type
                         e.g. --alias-mtype=intel-linux-2.4
                         [for binary installations only]
  --try-unsupported      Try source installation on an unsupported platform
  --help                 Print this help message



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