[phenixbb] phenixbb Digest, Vol 79, Issue 4

Kay Diederichs kay.diederichs at uni-konstanz.de
Thu Jun 14 00:23:11 PDT 2012

"A 64bit operating system" can only run on hardware that supports 
64bits. Here, 64bits refers to addresses in memory - arrays larger than 
4GB need 64bit addressing because 32bits do not allow high enough 
numbers to index such arrays.

It has nothing to do with the maximum value of an integer - that is set 
by the programmer.
A programmer can (depending on programming language and compiler) 
usually decide whether integer numbers should be of size 4 bytes or 8 
bytes. It is just by coincidence that 8 bytes are 64 bits.

Here it seems to me that a 8byte integer would be needed to hold the 
number of cubicles.



> Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 11:44:07 -0700
> From: Nathaniel Echols<nechols at lbl.gov>
> To: PHENIX user mailing list<phenixbb at phenix-online.org>
> Subject: Re: [phenixbb] runtime error in phenix.refine
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> On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 10:04 AM, Eugene Valkov<eugene.valkov at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> I'm encountering the following during the second macro-cycle in
>> phenix.refine in latest 1.8-1069 dev build for Linux 64-bit:
>> RuntimeError: Excessive number of cubicles:
>> ?This may be due to unreasonable parameters:
>> ? ?cubicle_edge=5
>> ? ?space_span=(8467.78,8440.85,8372.67)
>> ? ?n_cubicles=(1694,1689,1675)
>> ? ?max_number_of_bytes=101542821888
>> Any thoughts/suggestions much appreciated.
> If I'm interpreting the code correctly, this means that the number of
> cubicles will lead to an integer format overflow - which I find hard
> to believe if you're using a 64-bit system.  Could you please send me
> the rest of the error message, along with the output of the command
> "boost_adaptbx.show_platform_info"?
> thanks,
> Nat

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